Snapchat Success

The social media app Snapchat is a huge company, and is actually relatively new.  It was launched in July of 2011 according to Mashable, and the creators of the app are under 3o years old.  Since the launch, it has seemingly become a piece of everyday vocabulary, and has definitely come a long way since it’s first snap.  Today, according to, Snapchat is valued at $16 billion dollars.

Snapchat definitely has had a lot of different social media companies to compete with, but I think that what has made them stand out is something plain and simple: they’re different. It’s a different feel than Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. And although those apps are people’s way of documenting their lives, Snapchat has become a way for people to do that as well, but in a different way.  People can “snap” what they’re doing at any time, it can be sent immediately to friends or family who can view it for a few seconds, or added to the user’s story, which is available for 24 hours.  Perhaps the idea of privacy comes into play for this app, knowing that what you put out there will supposedly be gone within a day.


And as the success continues, Snapchat seems to only try and keep up with its users. The company started adding different filters that users can add to photos, as well as “geo tags”.  The app also introduced face lenses/filters, that can morph the user’s face into whichever lens they choose. (A popular one right now being the face swap filter.) This is something that no other relevant social media site is offering, and it makes them stand out.  Not only do they let the users have fun with filters and face lenses, but Snapchat also provides visual news updates for live events, as well as have a “discover” section, where different companies can create their own story everyday. Companies like Buzzfeed and Food Network have regular Snapchat stories for users to check out. These factors have definitely helped to give Snapchat an advantage over their social media competition.

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One thought on “Snapchat Success

  1. I agree with you. I think the main reason for Snapchat’s success is because it’s different. It’s not like any other social media app. People can have fun with it. I think some people are starting to slowly get bored of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and with the introduction of Snapchat, people are moving toward that app instead.


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