Zika Virus on Social Media

Today, social media seems to be a huge part of our daily lives. Not only are we using it to post our latest selfies and keep updated on our friends and families, but social media also plays a big role today in the discussion of serious topics/news updates as well as the spreading of ideas and opinions.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk online about the mosquito borne virus, the Zika virus.  The virus has been getting a lot of attention on social media, and a lot of people voicing their opinions on the subject.  According to an article from Reuters, in the beginning of February, when I believe most of the news of the virus was just beginning to be talked about, Zika was trending on Facebook and by the early afternoon 100,000 users were discussing the virus.  The article also says that there were 50 tweets per minute related to the virus, and many of them mentioning the World Health Organization.

With more attention, the virus gained more and more momentum in conversation. I’d never heard of the disease before this outbreak, but I think that social media played an important role in raising awareness about it.  The Center for Disease Control & Prevention tweeted out a link to give information on the virus, like how it’s transmitted and who is at risk. A few of their most recent tweets pertain to the virus as well.


One thought on “Zika Virus on Social Media

  1. Facebook is actually where I found out about the Zika virus. I probably saw about 5-10 posts or videos on my newsfeed in just one day about it. Social media in general but specifically Facebook’s “share” feature rapidly raised awareness on the virus.


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