Terms and Conditions May Apply

Being a part of society that is so filled and enriched with so much different technology, I’ve learned to become aware that our privacy is diminishing. But the documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply opened up my eyes to just how much of our privacy is disappearing, as well as how quickly. There were some points during the documentary where I really found myself thinking if there’s ever a time when we’re not being watched.

Social media is something that has become a huge part of society today, I know for one that I’m on some form of it basically every day. The amount of spying that is done on social media something that I was not really fully aware of. There were so many stories in the documentary that discussed how people were questioned because of things they posted on social media, just leading to the fact that we’re basically always being watched. It’s a bit of a scary thought to think about that and just how little privacy we have when using our computers or anything like that.



One thought on “Terms and Conditions May Apply

  1. I had the same reaction to the documentary that you did. I also didn’t realize just how much we are being watched on social media. We think of social media as a place to express ourselves but how can we truly do that if we are in constant fear that the government can take what we innocently say as a threat? It really makes you think twice before clicking “I agree”.


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