When choosing a country to do a media profile on, England was one of the firsts that popped into my mind. It seems many people believe our media aspects to be quite similar. I was talking to a friend about the topic and he admitted that he can sometimes blend both American media and British media together without even realizing.

But a difference that caught my attention was the representation of women in the media. Hello Giggles, which is an online entertainment and lifestyle website, posted an article where the author talked about her encounter with British advertising and compared it to American advertising. Amy Foster, the author of the article, discussed her views of how British women are portrayed in the media compared to America.

“As someone who notices these kinds of things now, here’s what I immediately observed as I watched British commercials. Most, I would say 80%, of the women featured were in their late thirties, 40s and even 50s. The women selling anti-aging cream – get this – actually needed it. They weren’t beauty queens or supermodels. The women in the commercials looked like average women. At first I thought it must of been a fluke, but as I kept watching, there was no denying it: the presenters on shows, the actresses, etc all weighed a good 20 pounds more than their American counterparts. Their hair wasn’t lambasted with extensions. Their teeth weren’t perfect.”

This was something really interesting to read for me because the women seen in those British ads might not be the same type of ads that we see here in America. It made me think about this cooking competition I watch called The Great British Bake Off, the two female hosts of the show are not glammed up and set on a huge stage with bright lights. It’s a simple show with a calm setting in the country side, and the show is almost relaxing to watch. Unlike here, where many cooking competitions like Iron Chef America and Top Chef are made out to be extremely competitive and fast paced, The Great British Bake Off is almost relaxing. Here’s a clip from the show: (one of the hosts is in the hot pink blazer, the other two are the judges.)


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