Anime is a type of Japanese animation of television/film, and has become very popular in Japan. Fans of this content have been increasing, and the popularity has grown outside of Japan and blossomed here in the United States.

Asian Avenue Magazine discusses the rise of anime in the U.S., saying “Japanese animation has taken the country by storm since its boom during the 90s with hit TV series like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon.”  The success of these shows kind of opened the door to a new generation of anime and animation, and the popularity would continue.  Although anime can appeal to younger children, it doesn’t have a set age audience. Older crowds are avid fans of the genre as well, like certain subgenres can appeal to older audiences with shows that on things like romantic relationships.  Asian Avengue Magazine has a quote from Dr. Ian Condry, who explains what he believes is the reason for the popularity of anime in the United States, which says “anime filled a space that was missing in American media for a long time—animation for teens and adults.”

This type of media content has become to viral here in America that there are conventions fans can attend to show their dedication for characters or shows. There is the Anime Expo in Los Angeles,  FanimeCon in San Jose, A-Kon in Dallas, Texas as well as others.  Like Comic Con, fans dress up and meet other fans of anime and sometimes big names in Japanese pop culture attend.

Although some believe that anime’s popularity has died down a bit in the United States, I still think it has a huge fan base. American anime fans have embraced a new culture and continue to make the animation thrive in other locations than where it originally started.


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