Newsroom and If It Happened There Reflection

I had never seen the documentary Control Room before, so I was really intrigued to see how the documentary portrayed how both sides of the war were being represented/what they were showing. Many of the news segments being broadcasted on Al Jazeera were being portrayed as “anti-American,” while American media was trying to do the same but with reversed roles.  One of the american military men in the documentary even said that many of the people he had met in Iraq were nice people, but the American media wouldn’t broadcast the positives of being immersed in a different culture. Since the war had divided views, they would have to show a negative view of Iraq and try to get citizens to support the war and the things going on.

In relation to my If It Happened There report, although I had the event occur in England, the ‘news article’ is still affiliated with issues in America. I feel that is something that many American news outlets do, even if they’re covering things globally. I based my report off of the Oregon shooting, and I chose it because not only is it a recent event, but also I feel that gun control is something that has been a common topic of conversation. Although I made the event take place in London, I still related it back to America and the issues going on at home.  I also feel like in relation to the documentary, news outlets hold a big influence over their viewers. By contributing in facts and views about gun control in the United States within an issue that happened elsewhere in the world, news outlets can still hold an influence over their viewers.


2 thoughts on “Newsroom and If It Happened There Reflection

  1. I enjoy how even though you took an American story and put it in London, you still related it back to America. It was realistic because no matter what happens across the globe, or how globalized we are, we tend to reflect on ourselves as a nation or individual when we see something happen to another nation or someone else.


  2. I find it so interesting how sometimes things are considered anti-American simply because they are straightforward and uncensored. This documentary just really reminded me of how sometimes I’ll watch something that depicts violence done at the hands of Americans, and there will be arguments in the comments about how such images/videos depict Americans, when the only thing that matters is this: the event in questioned happened. Regardless of how it represents a nation, the event still occurred, and such simple truths shouldn’t be lost in a sea of patriotism and bias.


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