Most of the news that I have exposed myself to is more local most of the time, but I have been trying to broaden my horizons and expand my knowledge of global news. CNN is one of the outlets that I tend to lean towards more for my global information because of their history of broadcasting and attracting viewers both worldwide and at home. Thomas McPhail describes CNN as “the godfather of global television news reporting to audiences around the world. Millions in over 200 nations watch the 24 hour all-news format.” (McPhail, 199) With such a history and having such a big name, I feel like it’s just one of the news organizations that I am more easily drawn to.

When looking around on CNN, the main page of course is filled with U.S. news, but I think that they do a pretty well job of expanding their views of global media. In the ‘World’ section of the site, they cover a lot of territory, but there are still moments where the United States shows its face. The top story when you click the ‘world’ tab is about a bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan, where it says that “3 aid workers were killed after the U.S. carried out strikes.” Although I do think they do a good job of covering global events, I think it’s important to put into thought what McPhail speaks of, how CNN’s big influence can also create issues. “Other nations became concerned that their own governments’ policies, including foreign policy, were being ignore or marginalized while CNN broadcast a primarily US perspective on international events.” (McPhail, 219) That can turn people away from CNN, which is where BBC is starting to gain a following from.


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