Television Overseas

America has done its share of taking shows from foreign lands (mainly the UK) and remaking them to share with American as well as global audiences. Shows like The Office, House of Cards and Hell’s Kitchen were all British television series that then were remade for the American market and became very successful. Of course, not all the shows that based off British series became such big successes as the shows listed prior, but some definitely became huge hits.

But America is not the only one getting inspiration from other countries for shows. As Junhow Wei points out in an academic article, China got inspiration for their China’s Next Top Model  from the greatly successful American reality series, America’s Next Top Model.  And although America seems to be borrowing concepts from British series, British shows are also borrowing from American series as well. In 2009, the UK premiered Law & Order: UK, which is based off the highly successful American series, Law & Order.  The show follows the same premise as the one created in the United States, but there are differences in the cases shown. On the show’s wikia page, it talks about how many of the cases that are shown revolve around stabbings rather than shootings, something that is common in the American series, which is due to British laws for firearms.

Russia also has made an attempt at taking some inspiration from American series, by giving their own spin to the popular show How I Met Your Mother.  The promo makes it seem as though it’s basically the same show as the United States series, but include characters that resemble the original cast.


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