Culture Influence

When watching the episode of The Newsroom, I couldn’t help but feel persuaded by the facts that Will was speaking about in the beginning of the show. America does tend to become very passionate about us being the best, which I feel can be both a good and bad thing. Good because of the patriotism and passion that bleeds from our country, but bad because it can cause almost blindness to truths that some choose to ignore. But I believe that the episode also showed how big of an impact that America has on the media side of the world, which I believe is what gives us at an advantage towards globalization. The culture of America I believe has an influence globally.

English art critic Jonathan Jones discusses his views of the effect on the impact and influence on American culture in The Guardian, which is a British newspaper.  He says,  “The best contemporary novelists – Philip Roth, Jonathan Franzen – are American.Lady Gaga is American. So is Eminem. The Wire and other HBO dramas are American.” He also goes on to say “Hard American power may or may not be in decline. But American cultural influence is prevailing.” I feel like this is a powerful sentence, especially coming from a newspaper that is not American.

In relation to the New York Times article, I feel that China bringing textile jobs back into the forefront and hiring Americans is a move that can benefit both countries. In the article, Keer Group’s chairman Zhu Shanqing says, “The reasons for Keer coming here? Incentives, land, the environment, the workers.” It shows opportunity and it’s also showing change.


One thought on “Culture Influence

  1. I love the angle you went for in your blog post. America’s culture has such an immense impact on cultures around the world. I love the quote you used from the Guardian to validate the statement. I also wrote about something similar, and it’s so true that although America’s standing in other areas may be in somewhat of a gray area, we still prevail farther than any other country in terms of culture and media.


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